Pool Information

We recently closed the pool for maintenance to assess if there were rough surfaces on the bottom and sides of the pool. We determined there appeared to be mineral deposits on the guanite of the pool. We believed this to be a layer of calcium deposits. After consulting a few pool experts, we decided the best course of action for us was to scrape and sand the rough surfaces.  We believe the situation has been corrected.

For those who would like to wear water shoes/sandals in the pool, we do allow it as long as it does not hinder your ability to swim (regular shoes are not allowed). If you have any questions, please ask the pool attendant on duty.

We encourage all patrons to notify the pool attendant or the lifeguards if they feel there are any safety concerns at the pool. Please assist us in making our community pool a fun and enjoyable facility for our community. 

Pool Hours and Admission

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Pool Rules

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Summer Food Service Program

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