Winner of the Black and White Photo Contest

The photography class had its first photo contest last week.  The contest consisted of three different categories inanimate, portrait and black and white.  Students were required to submit a photo for each category.  The requirements for the inanimate category were a color photo of any nonliving object.  For portrait, students had to choose a photo they took in color of any living being.  The black and white photo had to be shot in black and white and could be of any living or nonliving object.  The winners for each category won a gift certificate to Trails Drive-In.

Category - Inanimate

1st Place - Makayla Barmer

2nd Place - Tristan Sweeney

3rd Place - Ronald McCauley

4th Place Michaela Reinke

5th Place - Cain Santorno

Category - Portrait

1st Place - Michaela Reinke

2nd Place - Liah McMillen

3rd Place - Tristan Sweeney

4th Place - Makayla Barmer

5th Place - Angel Baker

Category - Black and White

1st Place - Tristan Sweeney

2nd Place - Angel Baker

3rd Place - Cain Santorno

4th Place - Michaela Reinke

5th Place - Liah McMillen